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3DB Pty Ltd

3DB are an Australian 3D Construction Print service provider operating within the residential construction vertical. 3DB is the conglomeration of a team of industry and technology specific experts, intending to reengineer the way homes are built with the ultimate goal of changing the world for the better.


To change the world, one home at a time by using environmentally friendly materials, renewable energy and technology


Building Homes Better.
At 3DB we are changing the world one home at a time


Our vision is to deliver sustainable, safe, automated projects which embody our company's mission

Our Design

3DB has a proprietary design and patent pending technology has been built specifically to offer the most flexibility of product design, without the requirement to change current construction process.
Designs of our competitors require very large gantry systems to print a house.
The impact of this is that the slab needs to be significantly bigger than the size of the house itself – resulting in higher cost to build, and less yield for project builders.

3DB’s M.A.R.T.A design is small and nimble, able to print the house from the inside – due to the fact that it can fit within doorways. Additionally, 3DB has designed a control and management system which allows for multiple machines to work on a single house at the same time – significantly reducing build times.

Lastly, due to the use of specific technology, 3DB can print a frame with no size limitations. As big or as small as the customer wishes, with no additional setup, configuration, machine upgrades or excess costs in oversized slabs and reinforcement.

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